Students are digital natives - they have grown up with easy access to online games. Helping them to navigate social gaming and understanding both positive play and risks involved is essential to building and maintaining safe habits.

Start with the Educator Guide and the resources available on this site and challenge your students to create a GAME PLAN to manage their social gaming and learn how to avoid gambling problems.

Encourage students to enter the GAME PLAN CHALLENGE to illustrate to their peers and community a way to build and maintain safe habits with social gaming.

Introduce and educate teens about social gaming and gambling facts, guiding them into entering the challenge

Have your students take this survey before you start to help us measure the impact of the program.

Some basic facts to start the conversation

Encouraging students to start the conversation at home

Students think about their future goals and plan the best way to get there

Have your students take this survey at the end of the program to help us measure the impact of the program.

Additional resources on gaming, gambling, and addiction help